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Posted on 2005-02-06 09:09:41 by Denver

Terrell Owens will win the Superbowl today

T.O. was in the paper a lot this year, asking the press why millions of nasty words are devoted to his celebratory winning touchdown dances. These dances - wild, ecstatic, political gestures (with titles such as "the fifth grade way back", "the cheerleader", "the worm", "salute to the troops", and his imitation of opposing teams dance moves) prick the status quo and offend the white male fan base of the NFL that believes players should be gracious and reserved in their celebration of scores and defeat of the enemy. His dances, along with the Philadelphia Eagles success and his dominating presence on the field have propelled him to an elevated spot on the national media stage. The baton of best wide receiver was handed to him from his mentor Jerry Rice several years ago. TO's physique- 220 pounds of sculpted muscle, his speed (4.2 in 40 meters), his height - six feet two inches, his jump, his level of aggression on the field, and his penchant for speaking his mind, make him not only the most potent offensive football player in the world but an opportunity to observe the fascinating interior dimensions of fame and success in an individual who works in an industry that is dominated by groupspeak and thought control. Professional athletes have few articulate spokesmen who are as honest as Terrell Owens.

His quick history - an upbringing under a delinquent single mother who left him primarily with his grandmother who discouraged his athletics. When he was ten years old he made the shocking discovery that he had half sisters and brothers (and an estranged father who had abandoned him) living across the street. He idolized Jerry Rice while learning the craft in college. After an underutilized college career he was drafted by the 49ers who soon realized they had the best young receiver in the NFL. When he first joined the team Rice was beginning to slow down and Steve Young's career was nearly over. After two seasons he became the primary target (after Young was forced to retire from successive concussions in the same season) for Jeff Garcia. Both put up all-star numbers but they could not lift the 49ers out of a slump they had been in for years due to league violations, ownership and salary cap problems. During the 2002--03 season rumors circulated that Garcia was gay. Owens began complaining that Garcia's arm wasn't strong enough to deliver the ball to him downfield. This created a rift between the two that was never healed. In 2004 the team got rid of both of their stars and really went into the tank. Owens got his wish and ended up with the Philadelphia Eagles where he teams up with quarterback Donovan McNabb, who has a strong arm and is one of the best running quarterbacks in the league. Owens is happy. Like his hero, Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, he has the most rigorous off season workout regimen in the league, and like Rice, he may now be on a team that will win Super Bowls and finally ensure his legend.

In game twelve of this season, against the Dallas Cowboys, T.O. was injured after being pulled down from behind while sprinting down the field. He tore his fibula and had to have a metal plate inserted in his ankle. Originally diagnosed as an injury that would keep him out for the season he has furiously rehabilitated the ankle and may be able to play in the Super Bowl on sunday. The team doctor has advised him not to play. A good friend of mine who is a successful bettor predicts T.O. won't be a factor in the game, that if he does play, the New England Patriots will target his ankle and make him wish he hadn't stepped on the field.

I have been training for a secretarial position in a small cubicle in a midtown skyscraper this week. It is a mundance job that utilizes few of my skills and occupies a great percentage of my waking hours. As I left the building friday night a cab pulled up to the intersection at 51st and 3rd Avenue. On the digital advertising board attached to the roof of the car the following message unfurled

.....TO says he will play......Just not sure what his role is.........................

I predict T.O's role will be to score two touchdowns and lead Philly in a stunning upset of the reigning champion Patriots.
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